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Exhibition & Interactive Experiences

The Exhibition & Interactive Experiences track welcomes demonstrations,  installations, functional prototypes of new and emerging tools, and digital technologies, as well as innovations based on current solutions in the broader field of HCI. New digital advances may facilitate a more cohesive and responsible user experience beyond the typical users’ functional needs and requirements producing positive thinking, feeling and a sense of intuition and familiarity during human-computer interactions. Main aim is to facilitate easier, faster and less costly human activities that will increase the quality of life and positively influence the workplace, society and the environment.

Accordingly, this track is dedicated to researchers, groups, professionals and stakeholders also in industrial organizations, spin-offs, corporations, government institutions and public administration active in the broad field of HCI eager to share their ideas, solutions and results. It seeks to showcase their innovations and promote communication and collaborations among them and the academic players strengthening the bonds between industry, universities and research institutions.

Accepted Exhibition & Interactive Experiences will be listed in the CHIGreece 2023 final program and published on the Web-site in a dedicated digital space. 

Guidelines for the accepted submissions and presentation

This track will follow an alternative form of presentation that could be a visual portfolio with photos, video data, or other kinds of presentation. For the preparation of the camera-ready version of their work and submission material via the Authors Area, authors need to: 

  • Provide a final version of their abstract, due by *** Friday, 01 September 2023 ***:
  • Provide their presentation slide-deck (as PDF), due by  *** Friday, 22 September 2023 ***:
  • (Optional) Prepare a poster or demo of their work to be presented in open space during the posters/demo session of the conference.
    Important: Authors need to send a notification by *** Friday, 01 September 2023 *** if they will use this opportunity, so as to reserve the respective space

All the submitted material will be published on CHIGreece 2023 Web-site. During the days of the Conferences authors will present their work and additionally communicate with attendees in a dedicated poster/demo session.

Poster (PNG or JPEG) Requirements

Authors selected for the Exhibition & Interactive Experiences track are asked to prepare their ONE-PAGE poster (PNG or JPEG) for publication on CHIGreece 2023 Web-site and presentation, so to exchange with the audience and receive feedback.

While we don’t have a specific template, there are a number of companies that offer free templates to assist you in creating your Poster (PNG or JPEG). The A0 poster size formatted vertically is the most popular based on the usual, physical dimensions for the CHIGreece 2023 Conference.

Online Resources:

Further Information:

If you have any question, please write an email to the Exhibition & Interactive Experiences co-chairs and in cc.