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CHIGreece 2023 co-location with MobileHCI 2023

Τhis year, the 2nd International Conference of the Greece ACM SIGCHI Chapter CHIGreece 2023 “Connect. Engage. Inspire” will be co-located with MobileHCI 2023, both happening during the same week and venue, offering an extended experience to the audience. 

CHIGreece 2023: Submissions

The aim of CHIGreece 2023 is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the areas of HCI for sharing their latest results and experiences.

CHIGreece 2023: Important Dates

Check all the important dates for the CHIGreece 2023 “Connect. Engage. Inspire”, available in the Important Dates page.

Welcome to CHIGreece 2023

The theme of CHIGreece 2023 is “Connect. Engage. Inspire”, and the main goal is to invite the Greek research community and other researchers, residing in various institutions in Greece, Cyprus and abroad, to come together, present and disseminate their research and innovations.

CHI Greece

Connect. Engage. Inspire.