We introduce Interveu, a bespoke technology that measures personalised speech performance, delivered through an online course. It is a B2B solution that teaches employees, learners or any adult to speak better and sound more professional and confident. It is ideal for professionals whose voice is critical, such as salespeople, teachers or trainers, managers, startup founders, negotiators, interviewees, voiceover artists, etc., and adds value to teams by unlocking individual speaking potential.

Interveu is built on research evidence that voice is a strong predictor for personality traits, that are, in turn, related to soft skills such as creativity, resilience, and negotiation skills. Its core features include measuring both perceived “Big 5” personality traits (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism) and voice skills (volume, speed, pitch, pauses, voice stability). Thus, Interveu is based on both AI/ML technology for personality computing speech, and signal processing, respectively. The prototype planned to be presented during the Exhibition has been trained on an existing dataset with promising results in the prediction accuracy of each of the Big 5 personality traits.

Interveu offers added value to users by providing personalised feedback about the perceived personality scores together with observations related to speaking style elements and tips on how to improve the user’s speaking performance (e.g., a speaker may sound nervous with a result of neuroticism=high because their speed=high). Most importantly, Interveu educates before measuring, through an online course designed with strong pedagogy principles (built on the “understanding by design” framework): the Interveu engine is delivered via an online course for mastering speaking skills, where learners have access to learning materials, examples, exercises and tips, and they use Interveu to first have awareness of their speaking performance, and then get practice opportunities by training until they reach their communicative goal.

Our pedagogically designed integration of speech training and self-assessment makes Interveu a highly valuable tool for a diverse array of workplace roles and applications, especially important to the modern workplace characterised by complex communication needs. Interveu seeks to empower its users by addressing them as learners of communication skills, offering professional development and not being a mere decision-making application. The pedagogical framework selected (understanding by design) is modular and allows the adaptation of the course to a variety of training scenarios (Higher Education, corporate training, VET).

Interveu has been successfully validated through trials with segments of VET learners and Higher Education career services in four European countries (Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Turkey), with learners giving a 95% positive recommendation rate. During the Exhibition we plan to showcase the Interveu software focusing on its core functionalities and the user experience.