The game industry is continuously growing and evolving, with new ways of creating games being developed. However, even with the availability of powerful game engines, developers are still forced to spend time and effort implementing common game features, such as basic AI, path-finding, and simple scene variations. This can become a serious detriment for indie game developers. The present research focuses on the application of Answer Set Programming (ASP) methods within the game development process, aiming to support rapid and cost-effective game prototyping for indie game developers. Specifically, we present a pragmatic approach to the usage of ASP for game development within certain use cases and we report on evaluation results based on feedback that was received from end-users. Analysis of results demonstrates how ASP can be used, providing new ways of thinking about game mechanics and content creation, and eventually paving the way for new game design frameworks and possibilities. On the downside, adoption of the suggested method can be difficult due to unfamiliarity with the ASP programming paradigm.