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Discord Onboarding

Welcome to the Conference's communication back-channel for continuous exchange, discussions and insights. Discord will run in parallel to Zoom, our main oral presentations platform.

Once you receive the invitation by the Conference organization team you need to use the direct link to register and join the CHIGreece 2021 discord server. You will land at #general channel. All good! To bring you quickly up to speed on how-to please visit as next step the #readme-onboarding channel and also familiarize yourself with do’s and dont’s in #code-of-conduct. After that, share with us your first post in #introductions. You are now set to go :) Enjoy your journey during CHIGreece 2021 and we are looking forward to meeting you!

For your convenience we also paste below some orientation insights.

+++ CHIGreece 2021 Discord Server Onboarding +++

This communication server is composed of 4 main categories with purposeful channels each one. We share below some quick pointers on how to use them for an engaging experience:


#general: Your landing channel when you first enter the server. No significant posting or exchange takes place here. 
#announcements: Keep an eye on news, updates, insights that will be shared by the organizing team, like the link to our Web-ex platform every day.
#participant-announcements: Feel free to share with the rest of the participants any news, info or upcoming events, e.g., job posts, upcoming conferences or journals.
#how-can-i-help: Ask the organizers anything that you like and you need support or insights for. We are here for you!
#registration-desk: Address any question regarding logistics, e.g., if you would like a receipt for your registration payment to be issued for you.


#introductions: Spare a few seconds to touch base with the rest of the participants. A few words on who you are, your role, organization, where are you coming from and currently located.
#general-chat: This is your channel to share any thoughts and freely interact with everyone. Go wild!
#share-a-moment: We would love to create empathy with you! Feel free to share any photos and messages that have a special meaning for you, e.g., from your location, favorite food or passion, what you are currently doing, photo of you and other participants from the past.
#i-wish-i-like: The success of every event is in its people. CHICreece 2021 has been designed and prepared for you - to "connect the community"! Share with us any feedback, wishes, thoughts, improvement points that you may have, for the current days, or the future. We are excited to have you on-board and we would like to bring the best out of this event .
#virtual-lounge: This is a voice channel/ meeting point for you. To join and casually connect mainly at the beginning of each day (09:00-10:00 EET, Athens) and during the coffee- and lunch- breaks in the program.


The channels in this category reflect all the sessions in the program. It is the discussion meeting rooms for all the papers that belong to each session respectively. Post your questions to authors, raise a comment, provide an answer or insights from your research or experience, during and after the presentation of a paper. Attention: Please make sure that your posts refer to the papers that belong to the respective session's channel only (see the Conference program for details).


These are all voice channels that you can use to take a longer discussion live with voice and camera :) Feel free to schedule upon convenience and reach out to interested participants directly. You may also rename the channel with the discussion topic to motivate other participants to join. 
@Young Researchers: You can use them to meet your mentor!

+++ Code of Conduct +++


* use the correct channel for your message 
* ask questions if you need help or advice 
* share links to useful resources which you think can help others
* socialise including voice and off topic chats. 


* advertise unrelated activities, products etc. 
* spam (including excessive @s)
* troll 
* use the server as a soapbox for political views
* use (or link to) inappropriate images, language, or usernames (e.g. sexual references, homophobia, racism, sexism, drugs)
* disrupt conference sessions
* bully or harass other members
* impersonate anyone else

Please read and familiarize yourself with the official ACM Code of Conduct: and ACM Policy Against Harassment: that applies on this server.

Please report any concerns or abuse of the server to 

CHI Greece

Connecting the Community