Dr Panos Nomikos is the most Senior Director, Head of the Sales and Customer Support Departments of Danaos Management Consultamts, one  of the largest software providers for the worldwide maritime sector. He is responsible for all the customer interaction activities of the company, ranging from presales, consultancy, negotiations and contract closure actions, leading the Customers to project implementation, managing diverse teams of specialists to deliver complex products and services, and overseeing the overall customer support, retention and long-term satisfaction activities. In the presales area he oversees a network of 10 sales and representation offices located in the most important maritime hubs of the world. In the project implementation and aftersales areas he oversees a total of about 60 analysts, consultants, supporters, technicians and programmers. He manages most of the daily activities of the company and report to the CEO. Dr Panos Nomikos is also the founder (in 2003) and first President of the Association of Maritime Managers of Information Technology and Communications (AMMITEC), a non-profit professional Association of the ICT Managers of major shipping companies (www.ammitec.org)