Anthony Psaltis is a Research Associate at the Laboratory of New Technologies, of University of Athens, in Greece for the last fifteen years. His areas of research entail physiological computing environments, with expertise in the development of emotion oriented biofeedback devices, applied to dynamically interactive environments, to social and educational environments, as well as affective computing interactions. Prior to his academic involvement, Anthony has had over 15 years of experience in instrumentation design and development of instruments for the medical and industrial sectors. He is a Chartered Engineer and participates in challenging projects with groups of academic research fellows in numerous multidisciplinary activities, with diverse concepts of innovation. Anthony's present teaching involvement entails Big Data Analytics pertaining to Journalism specific AI, ML, DL and Text Mining. His research interests involve signal analysis and Psycho-physiological modelling of the Somatic System responses pertaining to cognitive effort and engagement, specifically applied to affective environments in computer user interfaces.