Beekeepers perform practices that play an important role in preserving the health and productivity of bee colonies. To verify that a practice is effective and aligned with beekeeping protocols, there is a need to monitor its progress and results based on the journaling activity. Beekeepers often find this journaling activity tedious, distracting, and difficult to follow, primarily because of the tools and processes involved. This research focuses on the design of a wearable interactive system that will support beekeepers during beehive inspection processes and in particular during journaling in the field. The primary aim is to develop a conceptual framework for defining the actions carried out by beekeepers in the Southern Aegean area. Secondarily, this research work is to design an interactive wearable system (hardware/software platform) to support the aforementioned beekeeping processes. Through this research we will a) identify the beekeeping practices most frequently performed and the routine protocols that beekeepers follow more often, b) distinguish which data are being usually collected and how is recorded during an inspection. The design focus is to identify and develop the interactions, build the wearable system and the related infrastructure to support its functionality, and evaluate it with actual users in real contexts.