Public events promoting and expecting massive congregation of spectators should take care to facilitate their attendance and experience. However, several main events do not employ basic usability principles and thus hinder attendance and reduce the fun; potentially limiting future growth. A case study is conducted with Rally Acropolis 2021 (RA21). The event was removed from WRC for seven years and returned in 2021 with government and high profile sponsorship support. In addition, media hype increased interest and potential attendance. RA21 organizers maintain a dedicated portal which purports to serve teams, athletes and fans. Regarding fans, we record main omissions and inaccuracies that detract from their experience and potentially limit future interest. There is no information per racing stage (“special section”) on location type, attendance conditions and motor-sport expectations. The official time schedule is targeted to teams and athletes, not really relevant to spectators. Access is not linked to main user maps (Google, Apple/TomTom, etc.) and finding locations is not easy. Police road blocks were in some cases 4 or more km far from spectator areas, further complicating reach. In the case of the inaugural stage in central Athens, un-announced access restrictions induced congestion during pandemic. The case is illustrated with photos. Specialty media normally elaborate on expectations for special sections and publish useful information, covering many of the above inadequacies, including most helpful GPS coordinates. However, access instructions were based on local points of interest which is not convenient for those who need it most, namely those unfamiliar with the area. Lack of coordination with police regarding roadblocks lead to further fans frustration and some missed opportunities. Spectator experience can be much improved following basic usability screening. Ιt makes good business sense to do this and even employ a specialist, as it can help improve audience experience and increase attendance and exposure.