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ACM CHIGreece 2021 is an International meeting point in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), expecting participants from all around the world, representing academic, business and non-profit organizations to present and exchange on latest technological advancements and scientific outcomes.

It covers a wide variety of research topics in the field in which researchers are engendering significant innovations based on advances in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality; Adaptation and Personalization; User Modeling; Interactive Entertainment; Education; Business; Interaction and Explainability; Usability, Accessibility and User Experience; Intelligent User Interfaces; Privacy and Security, Social Media and Networks, Assistive Technologies, to mention but a few. This year's program will cover plenary sessions with presentations, invited talks, panel discussions, networking activities and two specialized tracks on Young Researchers and Exhibition & Interactive Experiences.

Participation in the Sponsorship program is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the field of HCI, to get involved and influence the conference events and the community as a whole. Benefits include publicity, e.g., recognition of your name and/or institutional affiliation on our conference Web-site and/or conference promotional materials; and professional development as well as recruiting, networking and business development.

For more detailed information about these and the many other advantages of sponsoring, please contact:

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