Dr. Anastasios Theodoropoulos serves as an assistant professor at the department of Performing and Digital Arts, University of Peloponnese, teaching Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, Game Design-Development and Character Animation. He is also a scientific associate-researcher in the field of games and immersive technologies at the HCI-VR Laboratory. He has co-authored several manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences, and he serves as editor on highly recognized journals. He also serves as a national Ambassador for the European Code Week initiative, whereas he promotes games (game-design and game-play) to acquire basic Computational Thinking skills, in education. His research focuses on Game studies, Game Technologies, Video-game character animation, Digital Games for Learning Programming, Immersive Technologies, and Human-Machine Interaction. In games, he pursues research concepts such as user/player experience modeling and procedural content generation for the design of personalized interactive systems and character animation. Lately, he has been involved in projects that combine interactive/immersive gaming technologies with arts and culture.