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Information for Authors

Congratulations for having your contribution accepted to CHIGreece 2021! Please see the information below regarding the preparation of your camera-ready final version and registration. 


Type of Participation Fee
Authors (full/short paper) 50 €
Authors (EIE/YR papers) 30 €*
Attendance (non-authors) Free

* Please contact us in case of financial hardship for further arrangements and support

AUTHORS TAKE NOTE – At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the conference and present the paper. Registration payment deadline for authors of accepted papers: October 26, 2021.

ONLY ONE author must pay for the participation fee of each paper and accept the conference's terms on behalf of their co-authors. Once the participation fee is paid, all authors will automatically be able to attend the Conference and do NOT have to register again via the Registration for Attendees. 

ALL authors are encouraged to log in via the Author Area in order to upload their cv and an image for their profile page in the CHIGREECE 2021 Conference List-of-Authors page.

Here are the instructions to guide you towards the preparation and submission of your camera-ready paper and your video presentation for the conference. You should have received an email regarding the eRights/copyright for your contribution. Once you complete that, the camera-ready process is initiated (see below). For your information, there is a new system that is being utilized that increases accessibility. Your paper will be converted to a web format as well as the more traditional two column paper format automatically which requires purposeful adherence to the instructions and tips below.

Camera-ready paper instructions

  • Exhaustively consider reviewer comments. Make sure you have done your best to address the comments in the reviews of your paper. The paper length remains the same as when using the manuscript (submission) format (page numbers exclude references):
    • Full papers: 10 pages
    • Short papers: 7 pages

  • All submissions must comply with the ACM SIG proceedings templates and formatting:

  • Submit the rights form to the publisher via the ACM eRights management forms. Once you submit your eRights/copyright form you will receive a “TAPS email” with the following information:
    • The bibliographic strip and author information that you will need to put inside of your paper.
    • Instructions and a link to the ACM Publishing System (TAPS) to upload your final source files.
  • Before uploading to TAPS, verify your paper is in the correct format! The new automated system relies on utilizing the correct format.
    • If you are using LaTeX or Overleaf, you should avoid using any extra packages (there is a list of approved packages here). You can change your document class to see what the final PDF will look like: \documentclass[sigconf]{acmart}
    • For Word make sure you use the proper template and styles (FYI, the Word actually gets translated to LaTeX for processing, so the Overleaf and LaTeX formats will go through one less process which may result in more consistent results, so you may consider using this format).
    • Please take a look at the best practices for submitting to TAPS: 

  • Authors should then package and upload their source files and supplemental materials to the TAPS system (not to Precision Conference) according to the instructions sent to them in the TAPS email.

This should be completed by the camera-ready deadline specified in your acceptance-notification e-mail by midnight AoE.

Video recording instructions

  • Videos should be prepared using the SIGCHI video recording guidelines. The final video should have the following properties:
    • 16×9 aspect ratio
    • MP4/MP4V format
    • The Video Codec should be H.264 and the Audio Codec AAC+ or AAC. MPEG4 PART 10 or AVC
    • Preferably, use a Picture-in-Picture presentation format to show both presenter and slide content
  • Video recordings should be strictly within the allocated time limits:
    • Full papers: 15 minutes
    • Short papers: 10 minutes
  • Videos must have accompanying subtitles/captions to meet accessibility standards
    • Subtitles must be in the form of a separate SRT format file.
    • SRT subtitles files can be created manually, or using YouTube (by uploading the video privately and then downloading automatically generated subtitle file) or using Otter.AI. However, automatically generated subtitle files should be then manually edited, as automated tools often have issues with technical terminology.
  • You can upload your video recording and the subtitles through the CHIGreece 2021 Author Area using the Author Credentials that have been mailed to you.

Please email the Video Chairs with any questions about the video technical specifications: and

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