The study proposes a Kansei Engineering methodology for the evaluation of customer impressions formed by the product information presenting a food supplement on e-commerce product pages. The study examines what design elements are currently used for conveying information about the product in the unlimited digital space of online-sale product pages. An evaluation of the customer impressions of the information about a certain food supplement (spirulina) as displayed on e-commerce product pages was performed. A classification of product pages combining different design elements related to the information of the product in the form of textual, visual, visual/textual and audio/visual form was carried out based on the user/visitor emotional perceptions and by the use of an emotional scale with especially selected Kansei words. The preferable design of product information on spirulina product pages among the evaluated samples representing the domain, which evoke positive Kansei information and add value to the product were identified through the use of multivariance analysis.