"The Danaos I.T. Group is perhaps the largest software provider for the global maritime industry, serving more than 650 shipping companies world-wide for the past 36 years. Perhaps more than 20,000+ office users and crews onboard 7,000+ vessels use the Danaos software in their daily activities. In order to reach and maintain its dominant position in the global market, Danaos had to adopt and embed core usability concepts in the software modules, especially in the latest version. Following the latest technological trends, Danaos has recently launched its new Web Enterprise Version that is fully web-based and uses the latest development tools and methodologies.

The Web Enterprise has been designed from scratch, especially on the front-end User Interface, precisely in order to allow the implementation of the latest trends for enhanced Usability and User Friendliness. During the design phase, Danaos run customer workshops and focus groups with key users, to get their feedback and guidance on the look-and-feel of the new software facilities. This guidance proved very valuable and greatly assisted the development teams. As a result of the customer’s guidance, the new Web Enterprise version has adopted a minimal User Interface where only the information necessary for the next actions is presented to the user, in an aesthetically pleasant and “relaxing” screen layout. For each task to be executed, the user is guided to the next actions with a minimal number of keystrokes, with all the necessary information and online help readily available to review and take decisions for the next steps. Another extremely helpful feature is that the user is not required to search himself for information inside a huge software environment with myriads of data points.

Instead, the necessary information is pushed to the user via suitably defined alerts, or the user can pull the critical elements via powerful dashboards and fast drill-down options. The new Web Enterprise version has of course been enriched with all the necessary facilities that comply with the latest trends for digitalization, Internet-of-Things, and very powerful analytics that, on the one hand relate to the performance of each vessel and the whole fleet on the Technical and Commercial aspects of each voyage (including Optimal Routing and Artificial Intelligence), and on the other hand provide holistic corporate analytics for the Financial and Business position for the short and long-term. Finally, to address the needs for continuity for the thousands of users who are migrated from the previous to the new Web Enterprise version, the core functionality and the database structure of the new version is fully compatible with the previous versions. Danaos is very proud to present this very powerful new tool to the market, and is very pleased to report that the user feedback has been extremely positive so far in regards to the User Friendliness and Usability of the upgraded product.
For more information please contact: Dr. Panos Nomikos Business Development Director Danaos Management Consultants S.A. contact@danaos.gr - www.danaos.gr