This presentation is a case study of daily life usability cases (e-kathimerinotita) that the author encountered during the past year in his daily transactions with Greek organizations, banks, government etc. The digitalization of everyday life in Greece is a reality: at long last we can issue a Declaration or an Authorization from home with a few clicks 24x7. More than a thousand services have gone live at But what happens with other day to day functions? Examples from various domains will be presented, like reporting from online banking, driving in the city, ktimatologio, facilities for pensioners and tax payers, travelling by metro, train, airplanes etc. All these services work quite well from home, but are they easy enough for non-experienced users? Experience shows that the majority of our fellow citizens pay accountants and other “experts” to do the job for them even if the job can be done electronically. Is Usability testing being used at all before deploying systems with User Interfaces which are critical to the public? A discussion follows on whether Usability is being practiced by engineers and software programmers as a methodology which helps to make life easier as the motto of the “World Usability Day” suggests.