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Exhibition & Interactive Experiences

List of Papers

The Exhibition & Interactive Experiences track welcomes demonstrations,  installations, functional prototypes of new and emerging tools, and digital technologies, as well as innovations based on current solutions in the broader field of HCI. New digital advances may facilitate a more cohesive and responsible user experience beyond the typical users’ functional needs and requirements producing positive thinking, feeling and a sense of intuition and familiarity during human-computer interactions. Main aim is to facilitate easier, faster and less costly human activities that will increase the quality of life and positively influence the workplace, society and the environment.

Accordingly, this track is dedicated to researchers, groups, professionals and stakeholders also in industrial organizations, spin-offs, corporations, government institutions and public administration active in the broad field of HCI eager to share their ideas, solutions and results. It seeks to showcase their innovations and promote communication and collaborations among them and the academic players strengthening the bonds between industry, universities and research institutions.

Accepted Exhibition & Interactive Experiences will be listed in the CHIGreece 2021 final program and published on the Web-site. 

Guidelines for the accepted submissions and presentation

Please find below the guidelines for preparing the camera-ready version of your work and submission material due by *** Friday, 29 October 2021 ***:

  • Provide a final version of your abstract 
  • Provide your presentation slide-deck (as PDF) 
  • Submit a 15 minutes pre-recorded presentation of your work

You will receive a message with your credentials soon, so as to submit your abstract, poster, and video in the Author Area: Please contact the Exhibition and Interactive Experiences Chair if you haven’t received the message until Monday, October 11, 2021: and in cc, and

All the submitted material will be published on CHIGreece 2021 Web-site and the dedicated Youtube channel. During the days of the Conferences you will also present your work live (15 minutes presentation and 10 minutes Q&A) and communicate with attendees in real-time and asynchronous discussion through our virtual platform and a dedicated session. More information on the program and your session will follow soon.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION: At least one author should be duly registered by *** Friday, 29 October 2021 ***. Fail to register at this date will compromise the publication of your work. Please log in also in the Author Area: 

15-minutes Video Presentation

We provide below some proposed guidelines for the preparation of your video-pitch:

  • Make sure that you prepare your presentation respecting the allocated time given, i.e., 15-MINUTES
  • To maintain a unified format, videos may be prepared using the instructions from the ACM (useful info here:, adhering to the following properties:
    • 16×9 aspect ratio
    • MP4/MP4V format
    • The Video Codec is H.264 and the Audio Codec is AAC+ or AAC. MPEG4 PART 10 or AVC
    • Use a Picture-in-Picture capable video mixer to display both presenter and slide content (e.g., the free version of Zoom offers this capability)
  • You may also accompany your videos with subtitles / captions to meet accessibility standards
    • Subtitles must be in the form of a separate SRT format file submitted with your video file in the Author Area:
    • SRT files can be created in YouTube, but must be manually edited. YouTube text-to-speech will miss most technical terminology with unpredictable results.

Further Information:

If you have any question, please write an email to the Exhibition & Interactive Experiences co-chairs:
Tasos Makris, Gourdomichalis Maritime, email:,

Extended abstracts: September 10 September 24, 2021 
Review notification: September 30 October 09, 2021
Submission of Camera-ready: October 22 October 29, 2021
Payment: October 29, 2021
Registration/Video submission: November 12, 2021
Submissions:  and in cc. the chairs,

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